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Carrie Fisher is Dead: She Was My Hero I had really hoped I wouldn’t have to write this, but it is my duty to report that Carrie Fisher died this morning. She had been hospitalized Friday after suffering a massive heart attack in flight to Los Angeles.

These Ultra Detailed Close-Ups Will Give You a Deeper Appreciation for Michelangelo’s David At the age of 29, Michelangelo completed what would become one of the most famous artworks of all time, David, a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture that stands 17 ft (5.16 m) tall, weighs 12,478 lbs (5,660 kg), and was carved from a single block of Carrara marble.

‘Star Trek’ Science: Why Vulcans (and Other Aliens) Look Like Humans Human life, seeded to other planets by an extraterrestrial civilization, could explain why so many of the aliens in the fictional “Star Trek” universe resemble human men and women.

2016 Has Been A Golden Year For Strategy Games As you may have noticed from being on the internet or talking to other human beings, 2016 has been a bit of a shitshow. But if there’s one piece of solace to be found in the flaming wreckage of this orbital rotation, it’s been the quality of its video games. Strategy ones in particular.

Matthew McConaughey Chose The Dark Tower Over Guardians of the Galaxy, But Who Was He Going To Play? Actors on the level of Matthew McConaughey often turn down the biggest roles imaginable for any number of reasons. What we rarely hear, though, is their reasoning, and in a new interview, McConaughey explains why he turned down a role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but did choose to appear in The Dark Tower.

Is Netflix secretly trolling ‘Game of Thrones’ fans? Netflix has a new show out called ‘Medici: Masters of Florence, and coincidentally, two of the actors also starred in ‘Game of Thrones.; Richard Madden and David Bradley, who play Robb Stark and Walder Frey respectively in the HBO show.

That wouldn’t ordinarily cause much of an issue, except that in the HBO show Frey brutally killed Stark and his pregnant wife after Robb betrayed an oath. Now we have to watch them be friends in ‘Medici,’ and not just that: They’re such close allies that at one point, Bradley actually kisses Madden on the head.

Ben Affleck Says Batman Has No Script, Still Not a Sure Thing The Guardian caught up with Ben Affleck, who is promoting his new acting and directing effort, Warner Bros.’ Live By Night, which is currently in theaters in limited release. Last month the actor/director revealed that he’s finishing up the script and the project is on track to start filming this spring. However…

Mariah Carey Suffers Epic Lip Sync Snafu on ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ Her follow-up performance of “We Belong Together” similarly ended with the singer pacing the stage and refusing to continue lip syncing, as certain pre-recorded bits of her signature high notes rang out.

The Wheel of Time: English to Old Tongue Dictionary Many of you who have The Wheel of Time Companion have appreciated the section containing the Old Tongue-to-English dictionary, but have asked if it would be possible to receive an English-to-Old Tongue dictionary. Wait no more. We have worked on the new dictionary in our spare time over the past few months, and it is now complete.

New Method Could Aid Search for Life on Alien Worlds A newly proposed technique could make it possible to search for life on alien planets much sooner than scientists had expected.

Thor Ragnarok: Doctor Strange Officially Confirmed to Appear:Marvel Studios’ films have become more and more interconnected, with even their solo films now prone to escalate into Avengers-scale crossover events

Despite fewer episodes, Game of Thrones Season 7 taking as long to shoot as past seasons We’ve got two more seasons of Game of Thrones left: a seventh season of seven episodes and an eighth season of six episodes, for a total of 13 episodes remaining. Every previous season consisted of 10 episodes, so unfortunately, the final two years of the show will be shorter than usual. Or will they?

Books Coming in 2017 That We Want to Read Now, Please Never-before-read Star Wars secrets! Stormlight Archive Book 3! A Nutella-loving space spider? Here are just some of the books coming out in 2017 that we would really like to read right this second.

5 Ways ‘Westworld’ Season 1 Mirrors ‘Game of Thrones’ Over the course of its first season, Westworld revealed itself as a complicated and original series, while still boasting familiar shades of other shows.

There’s Lost, with the shared Bad Robot DNA and the elaborate character-centric mysteries. There’s Person of Interest, yet another Bad Robot show, a machine-minded drama from the mind of Jonathan Nolan, one of the co-creators responsible for Westworld. There’s Battlestar Galactica, with the shared focus on mechanical entities searching for sovereignty and the way history repeats itself. (The decades-spanning “loops” of Westworld, especially the ones surrounding Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores, are effectively the new “all of this has happened before, all of this will happen again.”) Really, the list goes on.

Deadpool and Wolverine May Still Reunite, Just Not in Logan Earlier this week, a juicy rumor surfaced that Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds recently shot a brief cameo appearance in a post-credit scene for the upcoming Logan, which has been confirmed multiple times as the final Wolverine movie for star Hugh Jackman



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