~ Geek Report 1/2/17 ~

Tad Williams On Worldbuilding And A Publication Delay In interviews and at readings, I have often talked about how weird and interesting it is to write really long stories. This time may be the weirdest and most interesting yet.

Astronauts Prepping to be The Martian:They build things and grow things…in space by Dr. Pamela L. Gay “Kid, by the time you’re grown up NASA will have built all the cool stuff.”  I heard those words in 1988. That dude was wrong—today is a great time (for somebody else) to be an astronaut.

State of the Sanderson 2016 These posts run long and are extensive essays that go over what I did during the year, updating you all on the projects I’ve been working on, then doing a rundown of projects that I’m planning.
How the Avengers Killed the Justice League  I’m in love with the Marvel movieverse. I love many of the characters and the franchises. But I think it’s time we stop holding up The Avengers as the textbook example of how to make the perfect superhero team movie.

Because, you know. That’s what killed the Justice League.

What, you say, it’s not dead yet? It won’t even be released until next year? Yeah.

16 science fiction and fantasy novels you don’t want to miss in January I always like January for this reason: it’s a good time to take a look at the rest of the year, to see just what’s coming up that we should be getting excited for. We’ll have a broad 2017 book forecast in a couple of days, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start off the new year by taking a look at what’s coming out this month. So clear out your bookshelves or your bedside table, because there’s a lot to make room for.

First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber To scientists’ delight, the incredible appendage from 99 million years ago is covered in feathers.

What makes a planet a planet? Last year, the debate over Pluto’s planet status temporarily resurfaced when NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by the tiny world at the edge of the Solar System. Once considered the ninth planet, Pluto was famously demoted a decade ago to a dwarf planet — a new kind of classification for objects in our cosmic neighborhood. It was a change that some didn’t take very well, and 10 years later, a few still believe that Pluto’s status should never have been altered.

Funny video: Amazon Echo misunderstands young boy, accidentally talks about porn Alexa has a naughty side.

A new YouTube video on top of the site’s “trending” list features an adorable kid who accidentally causes Amazon’s virtual assistant to spew off some dirty porn-related phrases.

How to get around territorial rights if you live in a different country Have you ever wanted to watch some exclusive content on a website and got that annoying “This material is not available in your region” message? Have you ever been excited about a Kindle deal and had the rug pulled from under your feet when you found out that the price you saw on Reddit or a message board doesn’t apply to you? Of course you have! And it sucks, right?

NASA Wants to Make a Mobile Water Factory on the Moon Water has long been the limiting factor for humans in space. But now, NASA is developing a rover that can make water on the Moon. Such a capability will be necessary for any serious attempt at the permanent settlement of Mars, or any other long-term space voyage. If successful, it will inaugurate a new, critical area in space exploration, where resources from other worlds can be harnessed and used.

Michael Livingston, The Gates of Hell, and Writing Secret Historical Fantasy For those who don’t know me, in my day-job I’m a professor of medieval matters at The Citadel, where among other things I do a lot of research on the military history of the Middle Ages. In my spare time, though, I write fiction. My first novel came out last year from Tor Books: The Shards of Heaven, a historical fantasy set against the war between the future Caesar Augustus and the famed lovers Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

Aquaman Movie Cast, Release Date, Villain, and Everything Else We Know he Aquaman movie is getting ready to go into production in 2017. Here’s everything we know so far. James Wan directs from a script by Will Beall. It appears that the same stunt team who worked on Mad Max: Fury Road will get a workout on this movie, too!

Netflix’s ‘Lost in Space’ Series Casts Ignacio Serricchio as Don West Yeah, we live in a reboot culture and yeah, it can get tiresome to see properties with familiar titles revived every few years like clockwork, but I can get behind a new version of Lost in Space because the core concept is so simple and sound.

A Promising Spot for Life on Mars As NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity makes its way up the central peak of Gale Crater, it has been gathering evidence from ancient lake beds and long ago groundwater environments that are promising for life.

‘Invisible Planets’ may leave readers hungry for more science fiction by Chinese writers Until recently, American readers had little access to – or much interest in – science fiction published in China. Thanks in part to the efforts of Boston-area author, attorney and translator Ken Liu, however, that state of affairs has begun to change.


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