New Wheel of Time Rumor 1/4/17

Has the Good Ship Amazon Sprung a Leak? It’s a new year, so Narg has some new speculation! The following was posted in the comments section of Narg’s  Wheel of Time Speculation roundup post:

The Biggest Space Missions to Watch in 2017 Here’s’s guide to spaceflight in 2017, from the end of NASA’s venerable Cassini Saturn mission to the debut launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket.’s eBook of the Month Club Free copy of David Weber’s Off Armageddon Reef ~ Limited Time

Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool to Get a Boyfriend In conversation with Variety, Reynolds discussed his willingness to see Deadpool romantically paired with a man in the sequel. Reynolds stated:

Here’s a video of a dog jamming to Nirvana

Bullet vs Prince Rupert’s Drop at 150,000 FPS Destin of ‘Smarter Every Day’ shoots a bullet at a Prince Rupert’s Drop and captures the results with a Phantom camera

Picture of the Day: An Avalanche on Mars as It was Occurring In an incredible feat of technology and timing, the HiRISE camera captured at least four avalanches/debris falls in action on the surface of Mars.

Andrew Lincoln promises more ‘levity’ when The Walking Dead returns The first half of The Walking Dead’s latest season was a fairly dour affair, but star Andrew Lincoln promises things will be lightening up when the show returns. Yeah, that’s right — levity.

No, Scientists Have Not Found a ‘New Organ’ The human body is an amazing and expansive place, full of strange twists and turns. It’s likely we’ll never discover all its secrets, but we do have a pretty solid grasp on the major parts. So even though new research has convincingly made the case for reclassifying the mesentery—a folded membrane that connects your intestines to the wall of your abdominal cavity and keeps everything snugly in place—as a single, continuous organ, scientists have not, as some headlines proclaim, discovered a “brand-new organ.”

Star Wars: Hunger Games star Woody Harrelson could be Han Solo’s mentor in the upcoming spinoff The Hunger Games star Woody Harrelson just might be the man to give Young Han Solo valuable space smuggling training.

Sticky-note printer could change the way you jot down reminders Mangoslab, which spun out of Samsung Electronics last year, showed off a small “sticky note printer” called the Nemonic that works in conjunction with a mobile app and quickly allows users to produce notes or photos on the ubiquitous sticky note.



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