THE WINDS OF WINTER WATCH: EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT GAME OF THRONES NEXT NOVEL Release the Hound! Ring the Seven Bells! Sound the Horn of Joramun: George R.R. Martin has something to say about the latest installment of your favorite book series—but you’re probably not going to like it.

Mr. Plinkett Responds to Comments on his Video Commenting on Disney’s Star Wars Rogue One! [Video]

Spectacular collision of suns will create new star in night sky in 2022 At the beginning of the 3rd century civil war raged in Britain as the Roman emperor Septimius Severus sought to quell unrest in the north.

The Parallels Between Shakespeare and George R. R. Martin “There is nothing new under the sun.” Idiom or parable, regardless of how you would characterize it, it’s most certainly widely accepted – and oft lamented – wisdom. In a period where it seems as if our modes of entertainment are increasingly full of recycled ideas, remakes and re-imaginings, the phrase has taken on a sour note. It is shorthand for our collective desire for something new, something original. But let’s look at the larger truth: Stories – and the writers who create them – are not birthed in a vacuum. Fiction, no matter its form, is largely the melding of inspiration from various sources.

George Lucas Selects Los Angeles for $1 Billion Museum The Force is with Los Angeles.

George Lucas has selected L.A. over San Francisco to be home to his $1 billion museum, with the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art set to feature pieces from the filmmaker’s personal collection, including memorabilia from Star Wars and other films, vintage photographs and an impressive selection of traditional paintings. The museum is eyeing a May 4, 2020 launch, according to L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Casting, Trailer, Story Details & Everything to Know Shared universes in. Hence, everyone in Hollywood is trying to crack the code of doing what Marvel did but with (ahem) properties that are not so dependent on copyrights. Thus entering into the fray is Warner Brothers with their long-gestating King Arthur adaptation. Moved around more than a few times, this previously slated-for-summer-2016 film was once caleld “Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur,” seemingly promising (or threatening) that every one of them, and probably Guinevere too, would get a spin-off down the road. But now, King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword is upon us and looks very Guy Ritchie.

How Movie Effects Were Done in the Silent Film Era Reddit user Auir2blaze recently put together an awesome compilation of movie effects from the Silent Film era, along with a brief explanation on how each effect was achieved. You can see the entire album on Imgur.

If you enjoyed this compilation be sure to check out SilentMovieGifs on Reddit and/or Twitter!

Dog eats a banana 

Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ is in big trouble before it even opens Wouldn’t it be funny if “Deadpool” got an Oscar nomination for Best Picture but Martin Scorsese’s 30-year labor-of-love prestige project “ Silence” didn’t?

It could happen. So far “Silence” is unambiguously the biggest flop of Hollywood awards season.



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